My Pet District: Dog Food Ingredients Review

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It is important to feed your dog with a high-quality and well-balanced pet food to keep him healthy and strong. A good food will strengthen his immune system, for proper digestion, and makes his hair coat shiny and sleek. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established a regulatory guideline to govern claims pet food companies can make on their labels. A pet food containing a single ingredient must at least have 95% of that ingredient not to include water. A combination of ingredients has to make up 95% of the food. If the name states the word “with” such as “with cheese”, it should only contain only 3% of the said ingredient, and products with flavors should only contain a detectable amount of that specific ingredient. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started .

Always remember that ingredients are listed by weight most especially those with high moisture content like beef, chicken, poultry, or fish. A dry pet food would have a lesser weight because water has already been removed. Here’s a good read about pet product, check at this website here. Grains are being used in manufacturing pet foods, providing an excellent source of carbohydrates. Dogs are able to metabolize these form of carbohydrates, using them as an energy source. There are more dog food allergies to meats than grains. Many pet owners choose gluten-free food for their dogs but gluten allergies are actually rare for canines. Pet food ingredients that are labeled by-products usually include nutritious organs that are highly digestible such as the lungs and liver but it should not include things like hair, hooves, or horns which are all advertising gimmicks. Many trusted and reputable dog food companies select high-quality by-products to include in their foods. Check your pet food label for the nutritional adequacy statement which reads something like “This pet food is complete and balanced for all life stages.”, “This food is complete and balanced for growth and reproduction.” or “This food is balanced and complete for adult maintenance.”. Preferably, choose food that has undergone pet feeding trials, indicating that the pet food has been fed to living dogs (as shown in a statement indicating how the adequacy statement was substantiated).

You can also consider finding the guaranteed analysis, which lists the minimum amount of fat and protein by percentage, including the maximum amount of moisture and fiber by percentage. Age, heredity, reproductive status, and lifestyle play a major role on how much food your sog must consume, so better ask a veterinarian to evaluate your dog’s condition and to track his weight. Ask the veterinarian for the best dietary recommendation for your dog. Learn more about dogs at Mey Pet District website! Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.


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